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GrabOn was founded by 5 people on 2013. GrabOn focuses on e-commerce scene in India. GrabOn is usually known for selling coupons at a very reasonable price. GrabOn isn’t new for Media coverage Various news Platforms like cnbc have interviewed this company and is recognized for the most successful e-commerce startups in india.

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The reason for a high success for is strategic partnership is between XPLOREE And GrabOn which was formed on 2015. “The proposed funds will be deployed to connect a lot of missing dots in the online coupons and deals space, and to develop mobile apps on Android, Windows and iOS platforms by the end of December,” Ashok Reddy, founder and chief executive officer of GrabOn.

Stating that GrabOn has so far garnered 15 million page views and 5.5 million unique visits, Reddy said the target was to cross 30 million page views and 10 million unique visits by the end of the year 2014.

GrabOn always upholds the business of its affiliates and prioritize their business needs. Our payment process has been made extremely easy for all the businesses that want to partner with us. We have a flexible platform which is supervised by dedicated relationship managers. GrabOn, currently, is managing hundreds of merchants and is planning to expand further in the coming months. Our experienced relationship managers are trained to help you identify new opportunities to retain and grow your customer base.

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A partnership with associate existing business are often a large win for a startup. however simply because a much bigger, shinier company needs to be your new BFF, it doesn’t mean the revenue firehose goes to be aimed your method.
It’s virtually a demand of late for associate energetic startup to affix forces with a slower, less-flexible, additional networked company as a part of associate overarching sales strategy. whether or not your startup offers a product or a service, high-tech or low-tech, hardware or code, gaining access to a much bigger partner’s client base, selling reach, and business experience will advance your startup on its growth curve like charge.
Furthermore, the additional strategic partnerships will produce a brand new slate of future choices for your startup — everything from access to new markets to investment to ultimate acquisition.
But partnerships — and particularly the pursuit of them — will suck up a large amount of your time, a bunch of resources, associated an ample quantity of lost revenue whereas your company ramps up for a book of business which will ne’er fall out.
So here area unit some inquiries to raise yourself to assist acknowledge once a partnership is real.

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The Buzz Me feature, which was developed to make the shopping experience and interface in India more user-friendly, is the first-of-its-kind to be launched in the e-commerce space globally. The feature is designed specifically for enhancing the satisfaction quotient of online shoppers who prefer on-the-go shopping and want a website that understands all their shopping needs. Buzz Me automatically alerts users with a small notification on their desktops of any great dealsthey can avail. Developed after in-depth market research bycreative developers and UI experts, Buzz Me will consider the users’ preferences as well as time/seasonal sensitivity toautomatically recognize the current seasonal sales and send out notifications to land the best and latest coupons and deals in a snap.

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The end product delivery model is via digital dissemination of information, for e.g., providing information onscreen upon clicking, to access the same on website and mobile web, through emails, & SMS; and via physical dissemination of the same in a few use cases, e.g., paper coupons and gift cards directly to consumers.

GrabOn’s user-focused interface and non-intrusive coupon browsing experience combined with innovative and rich tech stack are designed based on customer feedback and consumer insights that they gather carefully.

Every time a shopper purchases a product/service online, orders food, or hails a cab, they look for savings. With GrabOn’s coupons, people can access deals with ease and security. Besides, with GrabOn’s Gift Cards platform, users are enabled to save on online gifting by availing various ongoing offers and exclusive deals. GrabOn offers its users the best and the latest coupon/promo codes, deals, offers, and gift cards. These coupons are genuine and are validated frequently by their team of in-house experts. GrabOn has been able to provide consistent, authentic services even on Gift Cards, owing to their position as industry leaders and due to its strategic alliances & relations with top clients. These coupons/deals can be redeemed, and Gift Cards can be purchased by visiting the website or directly through the mobile app.The industry that GrabOn operates in broadly includes coupons and deals, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and online shopping. Their primary target market is basically the e-commerce segment in India, with a market cap of about USD 40 billion with a 30% Year-Over-Year growth. While the e-commerce market continues to grow, the competition between major brands will increase as they fight over gaining consumer share. With internet penetration happening across tier-3 and tier-4 cities, new consumer sectors will open up, providing an opportunity to smaller, niche brands to grow their local audience further through e-commerce. Affiliate Marketing has been one of the sectors providing the highest ROI to the e-commerce sector. In future, the collaboration between e-commerce companies and the affiliate marketing industry is only to grow further.

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GrabOn has been a very successful startup company because it is known for one of the best feed system, diffrent marketing system, B2B Partnership.

so I recommend most of the companies to follow diffrent idea a diffrent way to sell products which will make customers / public atrract.

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