HasyaHetu Films -Serving Happiness

HasyaHetu Films -Serving Happiness

Laughter is regarded as a language which is more than a soothing comfort to every living soul but also has the utmost potential to transport us away from a world of mental despair.

Meet Ronak Sharma Gupta, the founder of ‘Hasya Hetu Films’, who is a firm believer in the above fact, and has been carrying out her passionate work in the world of theatre and filmmaking for the past 10 years. Before we dive into the details of her start-up film production company, here is a composed introduction about herself and how she found her direction in theatre.

Ms Ronak believes herself to be an enthusiastic individual when it comes to sharing happiness. She discovered that theatre had a significant impact on self-discovery and attaining inner happiness. Ever since she identified the significance of the art form, she ventured deep into the world of theatre with a firm motto to create a fun-filled environment and since then there has been no turning back. Her optimistic approach to the art led her to form a unique technique called Energy clowning where clowning theatre and energy practices are blended with the aim of instilling inner bliss and healing people across the globe. As she progressed further, she started to explore filmmaking and writing, where she eventually evolved a lot over the years by stepping into various roles like that of a director, producer and writer for OTT content including short films, series, songs, chat shows and Ads. She has also written and directed award-winning short films which have been screened at various International Film Festivals. Also to add, she has also worked as a head trainer for Creative Workshops including Theater, Writing, Clowning and Dance in educational institutes. Working alongside these diversified roles she also happens to been a practitioner of Pranic Healing for the past 10 years till date.

Her sincere commitment to theatre and filmmaking led her to form Hasya Hetu films. Hasya Hetu Films, which means ‘serving happiness’, is more focused on the vision of spreading happiness, fostering self-love, emotional healing and transforming lives across the globe through creative production and transformational workshops. The company also serves the above purpose by creating digital content that is heartwarming as it is constantly involved in producing short films, series, songs, chat shows, ads and also works on creating visual stories for brands on its very own ‘Youtube channel’ with the intention of spreading joy. The intention of spreading the word of happiness and joy is what drives Hasya Hetu Films and in turn, it happens to be the motto that it carries when it comes to creating content. Since Laughter is universally known as

the best therapy, Hasya Hetu Films also focuses on conducting fun-filled workshops that indirectly help in emotional healing. A unique fact about the company and the team is that they consider themselves proud pioneers of Energy clowning, a technique that is regarded as an exclusive product. It is designed in a way that helps the participants rediscover the inner child within themselves. The workshops serve to be effective as they help individuals learn about self-love, discover inner happiness, channel freedom of creative expression and overcome their inhibitions, ensuring a positive transformation and helping them break down the walls of emotional hurdles without revealing horrific experiences of the past.

Hasya Hetu Films collectively strive to reach out to a wider connection and since the goal is beyond spreading fun, the firm wishes to utilize its altruistic approach for your well-being. The company has conducted more than 50 workshops both virtually and offline to various educational institutes and also wishes to extend its varied services even to corporate firms. Hasya Hetu Films can be directly contacted for their group and individual services through its website: https://www.hasyahetufilms.com/.