Bringing Healthier lighter mixers to your doorstep with Malaki, an artisanal beverage brand with natural ingredients launches 1 cal Tonic water and 1 cal Ginger Ale in India.


Mumbai, 2022 – Whether you’re a teetotaller or on a health-conscious diet, bid adieu to the age-old fresh lime soda. Instead, make way for Malaki’s delicious and low-calorie crafted beverages with natural ingredients and avant-garde flavours.

When asked about hard seltzers in India a few years ago, most people couldn’t tell the difference between the fizzy drink and standard soda. However, in the previous decade, the alternative beverage market has expanded to include more brands offering tonics, mixers, ready-to-drink, and non-alcoholic drinks. Founded by Ashish Bhatia and Mohit Bhatia, Malaki is now a leading name in the sector. Both the entrepreneurs of this brand belong to a family that has over 60 years of experience in the F & B industry. Malaki aims to redefine India’s functional beverage landscape. Since its launch, the brand’s luxury beverage offerings have earned acclaim in multiple countries. Touted by Forbes as the youngest and most innovative brand in the beverage space in 2018, they are consistently expanding their offering of sparkling water from the Himalayas to their tonic water to their Coffee Tonic for coffee lovers and their Ginger Ales.

“Consumer taste and preferences have drastically changed over the last 5 years. They are moving away from traditional colas and toward new-age beverages that balance taste, quality, and calories. We have been able to track this and create such products. We are currently supplying our products in the D2C sector through online quick commerce platforms and have a strong presence in the B2B sector as well,” said Ashish Bhatia, Co-founder.

Packaged in swanky glass bottles and easy-to-use cans, the brand has partnered with most major hotel chains and many premium restaurants across the country, making India its largest global market. Besides being a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed as is, its elegantly designed bottles make for a strong decor element at your at-home bar.

Keeping the fitness-oriented and health-supportive movement in mind, just hit the market are their 1 cal tonic Water and their 1 cal Ginger Ale.

“While everyone needs a good mixer, the health-conscious movement in the last year has taken over and we want to give people a healthier and fitter option for mixers for their favourite drinks. So, several trials and innovations later, we have launched our 1 calorie tonic water and our 1 calorie, Ginger Ale. So, If you love your Gin and Tonic or your Vodka Ginger Ale, you don’t need to give up on them – just opt for the lighter Malaki variant,” said Mohit Bhatia, co-founder of Malaki. “You literally need to just get up and open the can to burn that 1 calorie, so the 1 calorie count mixer is definitely going to prove as a better alternative.”

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the trend to #golight and let’s #burnittoearnit and get your Malaki to fix this weekend!