BGMI poster

BGMI – Battlegrounds Mobile India has been one of the most awaited games in the country. The mobile-based gameplay allows players to form their strategy against up to 99 other players in different maps. Players can choose which map they want to play, decide where they want to land, use the desired weapons and other tools as well. The objective remains the same for all the players: survival up to the last and winning over competitors. However, the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India has left iOS users disappointed as it is not available on iOS yet.

BGMI poster

BGMI iOS release date might be pushed to July end

While Android users are enjoying the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India, iOS users are still waiting for a launch. While BGMI early access was provided to Android users, it was believed that the public launch will also support iOS devices, but that did not turn out to the true. While Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS launch has been delayed by the developer, they have not denied the release of BGMI for iOS devices.

Some popular gaming influencers in India like Ghatak and Kronten Gaming have stated on their social media platforms that there might be a delay in the iOS version of BGMI. The BGMI iOS release date might be pushed to the end of July, but there is no official confirmation. Looking at the popularity of the game, Krafton might work on the iOS version with haste and launch it without an initial beta version, like the case was with BGMI Android. 


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