31-year-old Techie, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, and Artist Salman Shaikh stage name “ The Shaikhs “ who started a Tech company The webmark

Salman Shaikh

Being in a digitally empowered place, we tend to be connected globally through media and other online platforms. As new businesses, startups or individuals establish their brand or product, ditching the traditional ways of promoting a brand, product or a movie idea has become too cliché in today’s advancing advertising strategies. Hence, we see a lot of online engagement in promoting a particular startup or brand through business advertisements, digital strategies, online posts, and relevant content creation in order to attract the right audience for the growth of a baby company or even the good old ones.

Finding platforms, creating the right content, and finalising various digital problems and convulsions that would kickbox your company can be a tedious task in the process. Businesses therefore usually prefer standing out with the help of digital PR relation expert companies or startups. Also, the ones with their personally experienced journey into the world of digital marketing can be a great liability to these business owners, for an accomplished man can only understand the language of the other.

With a vision of powering brands and enabling a friendly and easy space for them to form connections through media communication and expert public relation strategies, the Webmark is a digital media and advertising company which helps startups, business ( old or new), and even individuals to build a strong outlook, grow your network and increase the overall reach towards the desired audience.

Thewebmark.in focuses on the essential target that one needs to establish within the community in order to form a positive exposure and PR management. They provide expert services on Designing and developing websites, Digital strategies, Social media Branding, Ebook commerce solution, App development, and Prototyping ideas so they create a global web presence saving your time, money, and efforts that you can put into working in other areas of your company carefree.

They have worked successfully with politicians, celebrities, and business owners in terms of developing the leading technical work, such as developing/designing websites, editing and constructing graphics, banners, advertising, etc. To create and aid the future of small businesses and startups to establish their company or brand in a systematic manner, producing innovative ideas and working on completing the vision they have for your company through expert intellectual guidance and work.