15 Startups to Watch: How India’s Chipmakers Are Shaping Tomorrow’s Tech

India’s chip design scene is booming! Discover 15 innovative semiconductor startups leading the charge in AI, robotics, secure devices, and more. See how these companies are shaping the nation’s technological future.

India’s tech sector has been flourishing, evident in the rise of electric vehicles, drone integration, and a burgeoning private space industry. This surge is fueled not just by innovation but also by a robust domestic semiconductor ecosystem. The government’s push for “fabless” chip design, manufacturing startups, and packaging companies is propelling this growth. Let’s meet 15 of the semiconductor startups leading this exciting charge:

1. Incore Semiconductors (IIT Madras): Founded in 2018, Incore is building advanced 5th-generation RISC-V processor cores. RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) architecture offers faster speeds due to its streamlined instruction set. Incore’s chips, led by a team of industry veterans, are designed for future-ready performance.

2. Mindgrove Technologies (Chennai): Established in 2021, Mindgrove specializes in System-on-Chip (SoC) design and production. They leverage the indigenous Shakti RISC-V cores to develop secure IoT chips for everyday consumer electronics like TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators. Their secure multi-processor chips boast additional features like security accelerators and random number generators.

3. Saankhya Labs (Bangalore): Founded in 2019, Saankhya Labs is a fabless semiconductor startup focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) hardware and software co-design. Their AI processors are designed for power efficiency, making them ideal for edge computing applications in areas like smart cities and industrial automation.

4. Agnitron Semiconductors (Bangalore): Established in 2016, Agnitron develops mixed-signal ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) for various applications, including power management, display drivers, and industrial automation. Their chips are known for their reliability and efficient performance.

5. Imaginary Designs (Bangalore): Founded in 2010, Imaginary Designs offers a unique blend of services – chip design, physical design, and verification solutions. They cater to a wide range of clients across various industry segments.

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6. Canesta Technologies (Bangalore): Established in 2016, Canesta focuses on developing 3D time-of-flight sensors for various applications, including robotics, drones, and smart homes. Their sensors offer high-precision depth data, enabling advanced functionalities in these sectors.

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7. SigTuple Technologies (Bangalore): Founded in 2016, SigTuple provides AI-powered medical imaging analytics solutions. Their deep learning algorithms analyze medical images for early disease detection and improve healthcare outcomes.

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8. Celsius Design Systems (Bangalore): Established in 2014, Celsius Design Systems offers a comprehensive suite of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools for chip design and verification. These tools empower other semiconductor companies to create efficient and reliable chips.

9. StrandVision (Bangalore): Founded in 2018, StrandVision develops AI-powered computer vision solutions for the automotive industry. Their focus lies on driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicle technologies, enhancing safety and efficiency on the roads.

10. CtrlX (Bangalore): Established in 2016, CtrlX offers hardware security solutions for various applications, including automotive, industrial IoT, and consumer electronics. Their focus is on protecting devices from cyberattacks and ensuring data security.

11. Waypoint Robotics (Bangalore): Founded in 2016, Waypoint Robotics develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for industrial applications. Their robots leverage AI and advanced sensors for efficient and safe material handling within warehouses and factories.

12. TerraXion (Bangalore): Established in 2020, TerraXion provides high-performance computing solutions for the aerospace and defense sectors. Their AI-powered processors are designed for demanding applications like image processing and signal intelligence.

13. AxnEnter (Pune): Founded in 2016, AxnEnter develops high-performance computing solutions for the data center and cloud computing markets. Their focus is on efficient data processing and storage solutions for large-scale IT infrastructures.

14. Xilinx (Bangalore): Established as a global leader in programmable logic devices, Xilinx offers FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) solutions for various applications, including networking, data centers, and industrial automation. Their presence in India signifies the global reach of the domestic chip design industry.

15. Analog Devices India (Bangalore): A well-established player, Analog Devices India has been a major contributor to the Indian semiconductor ecosystem for decades. They offer a broad range of analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits used in various electronic devices.

Startup NameArea of FocusKey Offerings
Incore Semiconductors (IIT Madras)RISC-V processor coresAdvanced performance
Mindgrove Technologies (Chennai)System-on-Chip (SoC) designSecure IoT chips for consumer electronics
Saankhya Labs (Bangalore)AI hardware & software co-designPower-efficient AI processors for edge computing
Agnitron Semiconductors (Bangalore)Mixed-signal ASICsReliable & efficient chips for power management, display drivers, industrial automation
Imaginary Designs (Bangalore)Chip design, physical design, verificationServices for various industry segments
Canesta Technologies (Bangalore)3D time-of-flight sensorsHigh-precision depth data for robotics, drones, smart homes
SigTuple Technologies (Bangalore)AI-powered medical imaging analyticsEarly disease detection for improved healthcare
Celsius Design Systems (Bangalore)Electronic Design Automation (EDA) toolsChip design & verification tools for other semiconductor companies
StrandVision (Bangalore)AI-powered computer visionDriver assistance systems & autonomous vehicle technologies
CtrlX (Bangalore)Hardware security solutionsCybersecurity protection for devices in automotive, industrial IoT, consumer electronics
Waypoint Robotics (Bangalore)Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)AI-powered robots for efficient & safe material handling
TerraXion (Bangalore)High-performance computing for aerospace & defenseAI processors for image processing & signal intelligence
AxnEnter (Pune)High-performance computing for data centers & cloudEfficient data processing & storage solutions
Xilinx (Bangalore)FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) solutionsNetworking, data centers, industrial automation
Analog Devices India (Bangalore)Analog, mixed-signal, DSP integrated circuitsBroad range of chips for various electronic devices

These 15 startups represent a diverse cross-section of India’s thriving semiconductor landscape. Their innovative solutions hold immense

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