1000s of Edtech in market, what makes RineX different from others?

1000s of Edtech in market, what makes RineX different from others?

With a vision to transform and address the problems faced by students and to be innovative, RineX came into the picture. 

We tried to create an environment which can serve the best interests of the students. 

Our view to be the best and the services we provide to our students made us where we are today. Turning people’s lives around and at the same time improving and becoming our best version.  

RineX always has its eyes on how to react to students ‘ problems and address them with the best possible resources we have.  

Promises are made on various levels from various organizations but we ensure that we fulfill all the promises we make.  

Why RineX ?  

We at RineX have a very practical approach towards learning. We know how learning induces a person and it always is not easy. Adhering to recorded videos can be a tough task at times so we facilitate Live Sessions. And monitor students weekly through assignments and practical work on projects. So as there comes no space between you and your goals. 

What makes us different –  

  • Individual focus – We tend to focus individually on our students to ensure that they get what they wish for and to address their problems and needs. 
  • Social services – At RineX we believe serving society is not a obligation but a responsibility. Recently 193+ free internships were given to many underprivileged students who had potential but were not financially strong.  
  • Preformance assessment- Regular tests, competitions, Hackathons, assignments, and mentors keep a keen eye on students preformance. 

The job market is different from what is being taught in the Colleges in degree programs.  

There is a very deep gap between the teachings and actual Industry needs. What is being taught never comes to actual work and does not benefit the student nor the recruiter. 

The best would be teaching the need of industry keeping technical flexibility in mind so that what is being demanded gets delivered to the job market. 

At RineX we try to bridge this exact same gap between the job market and the college teachings. We give our students a proper set of skills which they can use to be the best in the fields they want to, based on the choices. 

We currently are partners with Cognizance, IEEE. Also our certification partners are Adobe, Autodesk , University of Dubai, Mississippi state university, etc. 

Our major certifications are AWS,Autodesk and the Microsoft Certification we provide to make you best at what you want to do. 

15+ years experienced mentors to guide you through. With more than 60-120 live sessions.  

Regular Arrangement of Hackathons. We also provide project Funding upto 50,000 if Approved. 

For more details connect to rinex.ai