“What Industry expects, what Colleges deliver, what exactly RineX does” 

“What Industry expects, what Colleges deliver, what exactly RineX does” 

The typical education system is not delivering what is being expected out of it, to match industry demands. There exists a gap between what is being taught and what is being expected by the industry. To bridge this gap and to formulate things as they must be while providing quality education and enhancing individuals skills. 

Education system in India is way behind the industry expectations and is delivering what is not demanded.  

The problem has to be solved because there is a huge gap of skills and mindset among the potential employees.  

In a recent survey most of the giant recruiters say that they can not find personnel with good skills which can be useful to them. 

Computer Science graduates can not even write a single line of code, Mechanical engineers have a very basic knowledge of design softwares. After graduating People spend about 2-6 months learning skills in order to get a job. These are major problems which need to be addressed these days.  

Youth lack skills on which industries work, theories and books are only upto Colleges and after that life becomes practical you must possess good skills to sustain yourself in this competitive world.  

RineX has been addressing this issue for a while and we know that only skills can bridge the gap between unskilled to skilled workers. 

Modern World needs modern solutions to problems and so is the modern education system.  

RineX is an organization dealing with quality online education and providing students with the best of skill sets possible. So that there comes no Hindrance in their growth and achievements.  

What we are doing to solve this problem –  

  • Hackathons- Hackathons are organized monthly and All India Rank is given, so that students can access their growth and know about the areas they have to work upon. Also, students can know where they stand in competition. 
  •  Certifications- Microsoft certified fundamentals (MCF) and Autodesk certifications are provided. 
  • Workshops- Workshops on various interesting topics like Quantum computing, blockchain, metaverse, AR & VR, Robotics, Deep learning, ML, etc. To get our students updated with the latest technologies. 
  • Skill enhancement – Regular assessment of process and growth to know the weakness and to work accordingly to get perfect. 
  • Internships – our internships are exclusively in the fields which are in trend with a minimum package of 3.5 LPA to 20 LPA.  
  • Mentors – with 15+ years of Industry experience our mentors know what the industry needs and mold the students accordingly, so that they can achieve all they want.  

We believe in excellence and that is what we provide to the society, to our students and all the concerned members.  

For more details connect to rinex.ai