Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India
Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India, India, with its burgeoning economy and rapid urbanization, faces significant challenges in waste management and resource sustainability. The concept of a circular economy—where waste is minimized, and resources are continuously reused and recycled—offers a promising solution. Numerous innovative startups in India are at the forefront of this movement, leveraging technology and creativity to transform waste into valuable resources. Here, we explore the top 10 circular economy startups in India that are making a significant impact.

1. Recycling Hub

Recycling Hub specializes in the management and recycling of industrial, hazardous, and electronic waste. They provide end-to-end solutions from waste collection to safe disposal, aiming to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in industries across India.

Key InitiativesDescription
Industrial waste recyclingRecycling various types of industrial waste to reduce environmental impact.
Hazardous waste managementSafe management and recycling of hazardous waste materials.
E-waste recyclingEfficient recycling of electronic waste to recover valuable materials.
Recycling Hub:Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Recycling Hub is a leading player in the waste management sector, focusing on recycling industrial and hazardous waste. The startup provides comprehensive waste management solutions, including collection, segregation, recycling, and disposal. Their innovative approach not only reduces landfill waste but also recovers valuable materials for reuse in various industries.

Key Initiatives:

  • Industrial waste recycling.
  • Hazardous waste management.
  • E-waste recycling.

2. ScrapUncle

ScrapUncle offers a user-friendly platform for scheduling scrap pickups from households and businesses. They collect a wide range of materials including paper, plastic, metal, and e-waste, focusing on transparency in pricing and efficient recycling processes to contribute to a cleaner environment.

Key InitiativesDescription
Household scrap collectionOffering convenient scrap collection services for households.
Transparent pricing modelsProviding clear and fair pricing for collected scrap materials.
Partnerships with recycling plantsCollaborating with recycling facilities to ensure responsible processing of waste.
ScrapUncle:Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Location: Delhi

ScrapUncle aims to streamline the scrap collection process for households and businesses. They offer an easy-to-use platform where users can schedule scrap pickups. The collected materials are then sorted and sent to recycling facilities. ScrapUncle’s transparent pricing and efficient service have made it a popular choice in urban areas.

Key Initiatives:

  • Household scrap collection.
  • Transparent pricing models.
  • Partnerships with recycling plants.

3. Amanat Green

Amanat Green specializes in converting organic waste into biogas and compost. Through collaborations with municipal authorities and private sectors, they promote renewable energy production and sustainable agriculture practices, contributing significantly to environmental conservation in Rajasthan.

Key InitiativesDescription
Biogas productionConverting organic waste into biogas for energy.
Organic compostingTransforming organic waste into high-quality compost.
Municipal waste management partnershipsWorking with local governments for effective waste management solutions.
Amanat Green:Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Amanat Green specializes in converting organic waste into biogas and compost. They work with municipal corporations and private entities to manage organic waste efficiently. By turning waste into energy and compost, they not only reduce waste but also provide sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels and chemical fertilizers.

Key Initiatives:

  • Biogas production.
  • Organic composting.
  • Municipal waste management partnerships.

4. PomPom

PomPom operates a digital platform facilitating easy recycling services by allowing users to schedule pickups for recyclable materials. They emphasize waste segregation at the source and conduct educational campaigns to promote recycling awareness, aiming to enhance urban sustainability in Delhi.

Key InitiativesDescription
Digital platform for recycling servicesProviding an online platform for scheduling and managing recycling pickups.
Source segregation of wasteEnsuring waste is segregated at the source for more efficient recycling.
Educational campaigns on recyclingRaising awareness about the importance of recycling through various campaigns.
PomPom:Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Location: Delhi

PomPom provides a digital platform for recycling services, focusing on waste segregation and recycling at the source. Users can schedule pickups for various types of recyclable waste, and PomPom ensures that the waste is properly segregated and sent to recycling facilities. Their mission is to make recycling easy and accessible for everyone.

Key Initiatives:

  • Digital platform for recycling services.
  • Source segregation of waste.
  • Educational campaigns on recycling.

5. Saahas Zero Waste

Saahas Zero Waste focuses on implementing zero-waste programs through community engagement and corporate partnerships. They provide comprehensive waste management solutions including segregation, recycling, and composting, driving sustainable practices and environmental stewardship in Bengaluru.

Key InitiativesDescription
Zero-waste programsImplementing comprehensive programs to achieve zero waste.
Community engagement and educationEducating communities about sustainable waste management practices.
Waste segregation and recycling servicesOffering services for waste segregation and recycling.
Saahas Zero Waste:Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Saahas Zero Waste offers end-to-end waste management solutions, focusing on zero-waste practices. They work with communities, businesses, and institutions to implement waste segregation, recycling, and composting programs. Their holistic approach includes awareness campaigns and consultancy services to promote sustainable waste management practices.

Key Initiatives:

  • Zero-waste programs.
  • Community engagement and education.
  • Waste segregation and recycling services.

6. EnCashea

EnCashea offers on-demand scrap collection services via a mobile app, specializing in paper, plastic, metal, and e-waste. They streamline waste management processes, ensuring responsible recycling and providing convenient solutions for both residential and commercial sectors in Bengaluru.

Key InitiativesDescription
On-demand scrap collectionProviding an app-based service for convenient scrap collection.
App-based service modelUsing technology to streamline the scrap collection process.
Business waste management solutionsOffering tailored waste management solutions for businesses.
EnCashea:Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

EnCashea is a technology-driven waste management startup that provides on-demand scrap collection services. Users can book pickups through their app, and EnCashea ensures that the collected waste is recycled responsibly. They also work with businesses to manage bulk waste efficiently.

Key Initiatives:

  • On-demand scrap collection.
  • App-based service model.
  • Business waste management solutions.

7. Greenworms

Greenworms integrates informal waste workers into formal waste management systems, offering community-based solutions for waste collection, segregation, recycling, and composting. They prioritize environmental sustainability and inclusive growth while catering to the waste management needs in Kochi.

Key InitiativesDescription
Community-based waste managementInvolving local communities in waste management efforts.
Integration of informal waste workersSupporting informal waste workers by integrating them into the formal sector.
Recycling and composting servicesProviding comprehensive recycling and composting services.
Greenworms:Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Location: Kochi, Kerala

Greenworms focuses on creating sustainable livelihoods through waste management. They provide waste collection, segregation, and recycling services, with a strong emphasis on community involvement. Greenworms also supports informal waste workers by integrating them into the formal waste management system.

Key Initiatives:

  • Community-based waste management.
  • Integration of informal waste workers.
  • Recycling and composting services.

8. Attero Recycling

Attero Recycling is a leader in e-waste management, specializing in the recycling and safe disposal of electronic waste. They recover valuable materials and reduce environmental pollution through advanced recycling technologies, promoting a circular economy and sustainable development in Noida.

Key InitiativesDescription
E-waste recyclingEfficiently recycling electronic waste.
Safe disposal of hazardous materialsEnsuring hazardous materials are disposed of safely.
Recovery of precious metals from e-wasteExtracting valuable metals from electronic waste.
Attero Recycling:Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Attero Recycling is a leading e-waste management company in India. They offer efficient solutions for the recycling and safe disposal of electronic waste. Attero uses advanced technology to extract valuable materials from e-waste, reducing the environmental impact of discarded electronics.

Key Initiatives:

  • E-waste recycling.
  • Safe disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Recovery of precious metals from e-waste.

9. Kabadiwala Connect

Kabadiwala Connect leverages technology to optimize waste collection processes and enhance transparency in the recycling supply chain. They collaborate with local waste collectors to ensure efficient recycling of paper, plastic, metal, and glass, fostering sustainable waste management practices in Chennai.

Key InitiativesDescription
Technology-driven waste managementUsing technology to optimize waste collection and recycling.
Local waste collector partnershipsCollaborating with local waste collectors for efficient operations.
Transparent supply chain for recyclablesEnsuring a transparent and efficient supply chain for recyclable materials.
Kabadiwala Connect:Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Kabadiwala Connect uses technology to optimize the waste collection and recycling process. They work with local waste collectors and recyclers to create a more efficient and transparent supply chain for recyclable materials. Their platform helps track and manage waste flows, ensuring maximum recycling rates.

Key Initiatives:

  • Technology-driven waste management.
  • Local waste collector partnerships.
  • Transparent supply chain for recyclables.

10. EcoAd

EcoAd upcycles plastic waste into durable products such as outdoor advertising boards, furniture, and construction materials. They reduce landfill waste and promote environmental sustainability by transforming plastic waste into valuable resources, contributing to a cleaner and greener Pune.

Key InitiativesDescription
Upcycling plastic wasteTransforming plastic waste into useful products.
Production of sustainable productsCreating durable and sustainable products from recycled materials.
Reducing landfill wasteMinimizing the amount of plastic waste sent to landfills.
EcoAd:Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in India

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

EcoAd turns plastic waste into useful products such as outdoor advertising boards, furniture, and construction materials. By repurposing plastic waste, EcoAd not only reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills but also provides durable and sustainable products for various industries.

Key Initiatives:

  • Upcycling plastic waste.
  • Production of sustainable products.
  • Reducing landfill waste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Circular Economy Startups in India

What types of waste does Recycling Hub manage?Recycling Hub manages industrial, hazardous, and electronic waste.
How can businesses partner with Recycling Hub?Businesses can contact Recycling Hub through their website or customer service to discuss partnership opportunities.
Does Recycling Hub offer services nationwide?Yes, Recycling Hub provides services across various regions in India.
How can I schedule a scrap pickup with ScrapUncle?You can schedule a pickup through the ScrapUncle website or mobile app.
What materials does ScrapUncle collect?ScrapUncle collects a wide range of materials, including paper, plastic, metal, and electronic waste.
Is there a fee for scrap collection services?ScrapUncle offers transparent pricing and may charge a nominal fee based on the type and amount of scrap.
What is biogas and how is it produced?Biogas is a renewable energy source produced from organic waste through anaerobic digestion.
Can Amanat Green services be used for residential waste?Yes, Amanat Green offers solutions for both residential and commercial organic waste management.
How does composting benefit the environment?Composting reduces landfill waste and produces nutrient-rich soil amendments for agriculture.
How do I use the PomPom recycling platform?Users can sign up on the PomPom website or app to schedule recycling pickups.
What types of waste can be recycled with PomPom?PomPom accepts a variety of recyclable materials, including paper, plastic, glass, and metals.
Does PomPom provide recycling bins?Yes, PomPom can provide bins for waste segregation upon request.
What are zero-waste programs?Zero-waste programs aim to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by promoting recycling, reuse, and composting.
How can communities participate in Saahas Zero Waste initiatives?Communities can join by contacting Saahas Zero Waste for workshops, consultations, and program implementations.
Does Saahas Zero Waste offer corporate services?Yes, Saahas Zero Waste provides tailored waste management solutions for businesses and institutions.
How does the EnCashea app work?Users can book scrap pickups through the EnCashea app, which schedules and tracks the collection process.
What kind of scrap does EnCashea collect?EnCashea collects a variety of scrap, including paper, plastic, metal, and e-waste.
Are there specific areas where EnCashea operates?EnCashea primarily operates in urban areas and continually expands its service regions.
How does Greenworms support informal waste workers?Greenworms integrates informal waste workers into the formal system, providing training and fair wages.
What services does Greenworms offer to communities?Greenworms offers waste collection, segregation, recycling, and composting services.
Can Greenworms handle bulk waste from events?Yes, Greenworms provides waste management solutions for events and large gatherings.
What is e-waste and why is it important to recycle it?E-waste refers to discarded electronic devices. Recycling e-waste prevents environmental pollution and recovers valuable materials.
How can I recycle my e-waste with Attero?You can contact Attero through their website to arrange for e-waste pickup or drop-off at designated centers.
What materials can be recovered from e-waste?Valuable materials such as gold, silver, copper, and rare earth metals can be recovered from e-waste.
How does Kabadiwala Connect optimize waste collection?Kabadiwala Connect uses technology to streamline waste collection, working with local waste collectors to improve efficiency.
What types of recyclables does Kabadiwala Connect handle?Kabadiwala Connect handles a wide range of recyclables, including paper, plastic, metal, and glass.
How can businesses benefit from partnering with Kabadiwala Connect?Businesses can benefit from improved waste management practices and compliance with recycling regulations.
What products does EcoAd create from recycled plastic waste?EcoAd creates outdoor advertising boards, furniture, and construction materials from recycled plastic waste.
How does EcoAd’s upcycling process help the environment?EcoAd’s upcycling process reduces landfill waste and repurposes plastic into durable, useful products.
Can individuals purchase products made by EcoAd?Yes, individuals can purchase EcoAd products through their website or partner retailers.


The circular economy startups in India are playing a pivotal role in addressing the country’s waste management challenges. By focusing on recycling, upcycling, and waste-to-energy solutions, these innovative enterprises are not only reducing environmental impact but also creating sustainable business models. As these startups continue to grow and innovate, they hold the potential to transform India into a more sustainable and resource-efficient economy.