People are switching to the belly button way of healing, thanks to Nabhi Sutra

People are switching to the belly button way of healing, thanks to Nabhi Sutra

Through Ayurvedic Oils created under the direction of Ayurvedic Doctors & Experts, Nabhi Sutra provides precisely restorative compositions. Swati Vakharia, who infused her own experience with Ayurveda into all of the items and the brand, created Nabhi Sutra in September 2019.

According to Swati, this company was created to comprehensively address the body’s wellness. She felt the need for a healthy approach to handling several challenges she had as a new mother and for her child when she became a mother. At this point, she devised a workable solution for everyone.

Nabhi Sutra has experienced an increase in demand for its goods ever since they went on sale, and they are now able to sell more than 10,000 bottles each month while providing service to more than 200,000 consumers throughout India. The business, which had a Rs 5 lakh initial investment, turned over Rs 1 crore in its first year of operation. They are growing remarkably month after month and will soon start selling their goods abroad.

Recently there has been a new launch at Nabhi Sutra. Made with mild, secure, pure, and organic ayurvedic components to nourish the roots of your hair and the hair of your children. To preserve the gloss and texture of the hair, it is beneficial to moisten the scalp with extremely nourishing cold-pressed oils. Free of artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives, and chemicals! You can now find this product on the website

Brand Nabhi Sutra is based on the idea that since our bodies began to exist within the womb, where we have been connected to our mothers via a priceless umbilical cord, our navel has served as the epicenter and the channel of our energy. This is produced by the womb’s placenta and is in charge of giving you nutrients, oxygen, and other things through the blood that travels through it. Since the navel is our main source of nutrition, applying oil to the belly button can hasten the oil’s absorption into the blood and produce the desired results.

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Nabhi is regarded as the center of our body’s power in Ayurveda. In addition, the photo gland, which lies directly behind the Nabhi, is home to 72,000 or more veins and almost a million nerves that link the Nabhi to all of the body’s critical organs.

The body is detoxified when belly button oils are used, and they also help with dry eye syndrome, relieve joint discomfort, are good for reproductive health, improve digestion, ease menstrual cramps, and even encourage hair growth.

The founder of Nabhi Sutra, Swati Vakharia, claims that her company is a pioneer in belly button oils for well-being. There were no such solutions, online or offline when we developed this concept for the market. Due to our position as the market’s pioneer, it was challenging for us to raise awareness of these solutions. There was a lot of interest in how people would react to this alternative healing technique.

She adds, “We have studied numerous study articles, taken in-depth Nabhi chikitsa training, and with doctors and practitioners’ assistance, we have launched Nabhi Sutra. We were pleased with the response we received from social media networks, and despite Covid, we were able to generate $1 million in revenue in the first year of operation.

Originally launching with six products, Nabhi Sutra now offers roughly ten different items. They also succeeded in launching ADHYAY, which features 3 distinct goods. Adhyay maintains this focus and offers other methods of healing; it is a new chapter for the Nabhi Sutra brand.

As part of our six-week treatment plan to address hair-related concerns, we use Adhyay scalp therapeutic oil. Additionally, they introduced a Neem wood comb under the ADHYAY brand. With our current inventory of 13+ SKUs, we are prepared to reach a 5 crore turnover by the years 2022–2023.

Only online sales make up about 98% of all sales. wherein 80% originates from, our website The remaining items originate from the online stores where the brand has already been registered.