NSDC International and Adecco Group Forge Strategic Alliance to Open Doors for Skilled Indian Talent in Global Workforce

nsdc international and adecco group forge strategic alliance to open doors for skilled indian talent in global workforce

A New Chapter Begins: Paving the Way for Global Opportunities

Exciting news for skilled Indian professionals seeking international horizons! NSDC International (NSDCI), a subsidiary of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), has joined forces with The Adecco Group, a global leader in workforce solutions, in a transformative partnership. This strategic alliance aims to unlock a world of opportunities for Indian talent, creating a clear pathway to rewarding careers across the globe.

Bridging the Gap: Skill Meets Demand

The world is facing a talent shortage in various critical sectors, and India’s skilled workforce holds immense potential to fill these gaps. This partnership recognizes this potential and creates a bridge between Indian talent and international demand. Adecco’s extensive network and expertise in talent placement will be instrumental in connecting Indian professionals, certified through NSDC’s rigorous programs, with suitable positions in countries like Germany, Spain, Canada, and Australia.

Focusing on Areas of Strength: Where Indian Talent Shines

The partnership will prioritize key sectors where Indian talent excels, ensuring a strong fit for both candidates and employers. These sectors include:

  • Healthcare: With global demand for skilled healthcare professionals, NSDC’s focus on training nurses, doctors, and medical technicians positions Indian candidates for promising careers in hospitals and clinics around the world.
  • IT & Engineering: The ever-evolving landscape of IT and engineering requires skilled professionals, and NSDC’s robust programs in these areas equip Indian talent with the expertise and certifications sought after by international companies.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain: The complexities of global supply chains necessitate skilled professionals who can manage the flow of goods efficiently. NSDC’s programs in logistics and supply chain management prepare Indian candidates for success in this dynamic field.

Beyond Job Placements: Building a Supportive Ecosystem

This partnership goes beyond simply matching candidates with jobs. It envisions a comprehensive ecosystem that supports Indian talent throughout their international career journey. Key elements of this ecosystem include:

  • Pre-departure training: Cultural awareness programs, language courses, and career guidance will equip candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the nuances of working abroad.
  • Post-arrival support: Upon arrival in their new country, Indian professionals will receive assistance with settling in, understanding local regulations, and building professional networks.
  • Continuous upskilling: To stay competitive in the ever-changing global job market, NSDC and Adecco will provide ongoing skill development opportunities for Indian talent.

A Win-Win Situation: Benefits for Individuals and the Nation

This partnership holds immense potential for both skilled Indian professionals and the nation’s economy. Here are some key benefits:

  • Enhanced global competitiveness: By showcasing the skills and expertise of Indian professionals, this partnership can strengthen India’s position as a leading source of skilled talent in the world.
  • Boost for individual careers: Indian professionals will have access to exciting international opportunities, gain valuable experience, and build successful careers on the global stage.
  • Contribution to economic growth: Increased remittances from Indian professionals working abroad can contribute significantly to India’s foreign exchange reserves and fuel economic growth.
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A Bright Future Beckons: A Journey of Growth and Opportunity

The NSDC-Adecco partnership marks a significant step towards a future where skilled Indian professionals can seamlessly transition into rewarding careers across the globe. By leveraging their combined expertise and resources, these two organizations have the power to empower Indian talent, contribute to individual success, and strengthen India’s position as a global leader in skilled workforce development. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey. As the partnership progresses, we can expect to see countless success stories of Indian professionals carving out fulfilling careers on the global stage. With dedication, collaboration, and a focus on skill development, this initiative holds the potential to transform the future of work for individuals and nations alike.

  • The partnership is expected to create over 50,000 international employment opportunities for skilled Indian professionals in the next three years.
  • NSDC and Adecco will collaborate with government agencies, industry associations, and academic institutions to ensure the success of the initiative.
  • The partnership is open to all qualified Indian professionals who have undergone NSDC-approved training programs and possess the necessary skills and certifications.


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