Noida’s Shoma became the finalist and subtitle holder of Mrs World International Show

Shoma Akarshan

It is true that a person who works hard with a sincere heart and noble intentions, definitely gets success and we got to see the example of this from the success of Shoma Akarshan, who lives in Noida and who with her true dedication became a finalist at the prestige platform of Mrs. World International Pageant and won subtitles. Recently, Mrs. World International 2022 Pageant was organised in Mumbai, in which participants from across the country and abroad participated. Among all of them, Shoma won this Title. Talking to the media, Shoma said that the show was absolutely brilliant and that she got to learn a lot. There were many different sessions organised everyday by some of the well know celebrities. Talking about the Finale, Shoma said that she had to firstly go through many rounds and finally after passing those rounds she reached her final destination. Shoma further told that her 16 year old son supported her a lot throughout the journey and encouraged her to participate.

Let me tell you that
Shoma is a

..Business woman and also a very trained classical dancer. She have been in the regional television industry before and now her dream is to be a successful model and actress.

Shoma belongs from a small town of West Bengal called Siuri, Birbhum. That’s why Shoma knows that there is a lot of hidden talent in small towns and places who always don’t get the opportunities that they deserve and henceforth she wants to give these girls a medium to access such opportunities and achieve the dreams they seek.