Incubez Launches Innovative OTT Platform for Startups

Incubez Launches Innovative OTT Platform for Startups

Hyderabad, February 16, 2024 – Incubez, a trailblazing Over-The-Top (OTT) platform catering exclusively to startups, proudly announced its official launch on February 14th at T-Hub Hyderabad. The event marked a significant milestone in the global startup landscape, drawing an enthusiastic crowd of over 300 startup founders, investors, mentors, and esteemed dignitaries, showcasing the robust support for Incubez within the ecosystem.

Among the distinguished guests were industry luminaries including Srinivas Rao Mahankali (CEO, T-Hub), Sujit Jagirdar (Chief Innovation Officer, T-Hub), Anish Anthony (COO, T-Hub), Vikram Jain (Trade Commissioner, High Commission of Canada), T R KrishnaKumar Rao (Chancellor, ICFAI University), and many others. Notable personalities from India’s startup arena, such as Ashok Shastry (DriveU, Bangalore), Amar (Neemans, Delhi), Paramdeep Singh (FieldAssist, Delhi), Monica Gupta (Earlyseed Ventures, Mumbai), Sonal Jain (Maayu, Goa), among others, also graced the occasion, underscoring the widespread industry endorsement for Incubez.

kaushik an nivya

Incubez, founded by Mr. Koushik Chitrapu and Ms. Nivya Paidipally, marks a new era of support and guidance for startups on a global scale. The platform acts as a reservoir of knowledge, providing invaluable insights into the challenges and victories of entrepreneurship. With perspectives from seasoned mentors, insights from investors, and inspiring founder stories, Incubez serves as an all-encompassing resource hub for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the intricate landscape of startup ventures.

Mr. Koushik Chitrapu, Co-founder of Incubez, expressed his excitement about the platform’s potential impact: “Incubez is not merely a platform; it embodies a vision to democratize access to entrepreneurial wisdom. Our mission is to equip startups with the knowledge and support necessary to flourish in today’s dynamic business environment.”

Ms. Nivya Paidipally, Co-founder of Incubez, highlighted the platform’s commitment to authenticity and inclusivity: “At Incubez, we understand that success is rooted in shared experiences and lessons learned. By fostering transparency and community, we aspire to cultivate an environment where every entrepreneur feels empowered and supported.”

Ankur Srivastava, overseeing Communication at Incubez, emphasized the pivotal role of effective storytelling in empowering startups: “In a world driven by narratives, Incubez aims to amplify the voices of entrepreneurs, fostering connections and celebrating diverse journeys. Our platform serves as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and collaboration within the startup community.”