How this Delhi based startup will help you in decluttering your wardrobe

How this Delhi based startup will help you in decluttering your wardrobe

Wondering if the title is strange? Why? Is it because you expect brands to do the exact opposite, i.e., clutter your wardrobe? With rapidly changing trends, people have the urge to keep up their fashion game and incorporate each trend in their lives regardless of the fact that this isn’t a fair game. People buy extravagantly without giving a meaningful thought to what they need and what they don’t.

Nilesh Karnani and Ashish Baheti, two college dropouts, desired to start something new. They researched and found a gap in the apparel market for timeless essentials. With the passion for bringing a change in this fast-growing fashion industry, they upheld the idea of minimal & timeless essentials and launched Beyours.

Beyours is a men’s apparel brand that follows the ideals of minimal yet classic clothing. It swears by quality craftsmanship and honest pricing. Following a direct-to-customer approach has allowed them to cut down on the unnecessary costs that otherwise raise the price of the products.

We have seen people follow trends blindly, leading to a mess of items they have no idea how to restyle. Eventually, certain pieces are never worn again, slowly moving out of fashion. Fast fashion is an umbrella term that comprises the life cycle of a garment produced by compromising its quality and how quickly it moves from runway to store to keep up with the trends. Fast fashion has significant hazards that go noticed because people fail to talk about it and disclose the dark sides of this glamorous industry.

The founders, Ashish and Nilesh, weren’t willing to be a part of this rat race. Beyours flourished with the motive to help millennials declutter their wardrobes. They decided to focus on the quality of their products, unlike many big brands. They chose high-density premium cotton as their core fabric to maximize the comfort and durability of their products. Beyours is different because it doesn’t promote fast fashion and trendy clothes that quickly go out of style. Instead, it has a bang on USP of selling all-season friendly, occasion friendly sustainable essentials that won’t go out of trend.

They prioritize the customers and provide them with clothes that can be styled with many things, with almost every color and in every season. They refrain from using patterns and designs that restrict the flexibility of styling their pieces. A mindfully chosen neutral color palette and additional utilities of their products have helped Beyours gain conscious consumers and keep it growing.

At Beyours, you will find clothing items that are more than enough for an uncluttered capsule wardrobe. They have launched 30+ categories such as:-

1.    T-shirts- Polo, Tri-blend & Pique

2.    Shirts- Classic & Knit shirt

3.    Trousers and Pants – Air Trousers, Everyday pants, 24-Hour Trousers.

4.    Joggers, Sweatpants and Shorts- Air jogger, Sweatpants 2.0, Easy Sweatpants)

5.    Hoodies and sweatshirts

Made of high-density premium cotton and elastane, one can wear these to work or work out in these. The pieces are affordable and highly durable. With proper care, these will last long and one won’t need to purchase extra items unnecessarily. Men find it difficult to pair pieces together when in a hurry. A capsule wardrobe with just the right pieces in some minimal designs will help save time, energy and at the same time make them look stylish and feel luxurious. Enjoy your mess-free wardrobe with BEYOURS!!