Amongst the cluster of countless clothing brands that exploit people by launching clothing that goes out of style in the blink of an eye, Ashish and Nilesh wanted something timeless, which remains a staple piece in your wardrobe for longer than you can remember. They had the vision of replacing the short-termed trendy clothing that clutters your closet instead of adapting to minimalism and clothes that never go out of style. 

Do we even remember the metallic belts that would cut into our hipbones, but we would still wear them because an influencer we liked did in one Instagram post? Is anyone of us ever going back to sneaker wedges again? Is that peplum top ever going to come out in the sunlight, or it’s better forgotten eating dirt in the back of your closet? 

Ashish and Nilesh were equally frustrated by these trends and, hence, was born a new brand, BeYours. The primary focus of this brand was to declutter your closet from such trendy clothing and make room for minimalistic and timeless pieces. BeYours offers a clothing collection for men that would replace the short-termed trends and clothes you don’t know how to wear out or style anymore.

Their aim, first and foremost, was to revive the classics, the pieces already loved and adored by people deeply in the past. They aimed to market them so people would stop following trends and develop a sophisticated sense of style. Of course, like any other startup, the duo had to overcome many challenges for their brand to finally take shape. 

Building a brand from scratch takes great effort and toil. Even the ones with the thickest skins can be compelled to give up while living up to their expectations and facing fierce competition. But Ashish and Nilesh didn’t lose sight of their vision and tackled the web of startup challenges one by one. 

When BeYours started to look like reality, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. It deeply affected thousands of people, both financially and mentally. The pandemic slowed down the pace of economic life, disrupting trade and business flow. But BeYours found opportunities to grow their business amid chaos. They introduced fashion lines that brought simplicity and functionality to their customer’s wardrobes. 

Minimalist clothing doesn’t include statement pieces like high fashion, it’s the whole outfit, and how to put together you can look in essential elements. BeYours introduced 30+ clothing varieties adaptive of a neutral colour scheme and uniquely textured clothing that people would love for many years. Their efforts did not go in vain; BeYours grew to be a successful clothing brand providing a sense of style to over 70 thousand people and a supportive staff sharing a similar vision. 

BeYours grew to be an apparel brand that promises quality and style to its customers. They keep in mind how comfortable a piece of clothing is, how well the stitching is, how dense the fabric is, etc. Their collection is innovative and fashionable, easy to style with a variety of pieces, reasonable prices, and the best part is that the quality is never compromised.

A good clothing/apparel brand looks into the needs of its customers and makes products apt to them. BeYours analyzed every situation and kept launching products and fashion lines that would never disappoint their customers. These products are the classic t-shirts, knit t-shirts, Sweatpant 2.0, The Air Collection, The Everyday Pant, the 24 Hour Collection, etc.

BeYours is a trustworthy brand with honest prices growing each day and adapting and launching products for their customers.