French Crown Secures INR 8.6 Crore Funding from to Drive Innovation and Quality in Fast-Fashion

French Crown Secures INR 8.6 Crore Funding from to Drive Innovation and Quality in Fast-Fashion

French Crown, a prominent fast-fashion brand, has successfully raised INR 8.6 crore in funding from, a leading revenue-based financier in India. This investment will play a crucial role in fueling the brand’s pursuit of innovation, as well as challenging the common perception that fast-fashion compromises on quality.

The co-founders of French Crown, Ilesh Ghevariya and Bhavidip Ghevariya, expressed their gratitude for the support and funding provided by They emphasized the strategic partnership with Velocity as instrumental in achieving a significant milestone, propelling French Crown to become a bootstrapped brand valued at INR 100 crore. This accomplishment showcases the brand’s ability to thrive in a highly competitive market. Furthermore, the partnership has facilitated investments in strategic marketing initiatives, leading to enhanced brand visibility globally.

With a vision to revolutionize the fast-fashion industry, French Crown has made remarkable strides in expanding its global reach, establishing a strong presence in over 90 countries. The brand attributes its success to advanced forecasting algorithms and in-house inventory tracking management systems, which minimize waste and optimize inventory management.

Atul Khichariya, the co-founder and COO of Velocity, praised the role played by Velocity as a growth partner in French Crown’s remarkable success story. He commended French Crown’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, highlighting its ability to launch over 200 new designs every week while adhering to fair trade practices and minimizing environmental impact. French Crown achieves this by incorporating eco-friendly materials, adopting ethical manufacturing practices, and ensuring transparency throughout its supply chain. These efforts have solidified French Crown’s position as an influential force in conscious fashion.

The funding secured from Velocity not only strengthens French Crown’s expansion plans but also reinforces its ability to challenge industry norms and offer consumers high-quality fast-fashion alternatives. As the brand continues to innovate and make significant strides in the market, it aims to redefine the perception of fast-fashion by delivering unique and trendsetting designs without compromising on quality.

The investment from Velocity has placed French Crown on a trajectory of growth and global recognition, empowering the brand to further its mission of disrupting the fast-fashion landscape through sustainable practices and a commitment to excellence. With this infusion of capital, French Crown is poised to make an even greater impact in the industry, reshaping the future of fast-fashion.

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