A dental surgeon by profession, Dr.Nikita Sokal won Mrs India Galaxy 2021 pageant in December 2021. She represented Mrs. Universe  in Yeosu, South Korea in June 2022, a festival where the beauty queens from around the world unites to showcase their culture and support the cause of “Domestic violence”. 

The journey for Mrs. Universe international was for 9 days and began on 22 June 2022 and was filled with learnings, fun and unity. The forum domestic violence was the major event during the pageant, where she learned that it is not only a  major problems in India, but situations related to Domestic Violence against women around the world is even worsened up after COVID-19. All the delegates shared their views, ideas and solutions of how to deal with them.

Dr.Nikita Sokal’s idea for solution of domestic violence against women is to focus on moral education of both boys and girls and teach our future generations how not to become accused, and also to implement mental and family welfare awareness programmes and camps. There was also a national costume round, where she represented Devi Prakriti, our mother earth. Furthermore the idea and concept of my national costume was based on today’s scenario of environmental pollution and climate change, hence SAVE EARTH, SAVE LIFE became her motto and theme to deliver on the world stage. 

It is noteworthy that the national costume which she wore was designed and created by herself. Her journey of Mrs. Universe completed on 30 june 2022, the day of Mrs. Universe world finals, where she bagged the title of Mrs. Universe Arab Asia 2021 and was also awarded Woman Mrs. Universe Aesthetic 2021. Other than titles and awards, she made many friends, and learned “How the amalgamation of different cultures, races and countries, when working together hand in hand, can bring a change in the world, creating a better and safer place for our coming generations.” 

Dr.Nikita Sokal is an animal lover. She is an avid nature lover, a keen astronomy enthusiast and a social worker, she has worked with Ngo Our Social Works for Women empowerment. She has been a speaker at various forums for women rights and societal changes.

She extends her gratitude towards her biggest support, her husband, Dr. Vaibhav sadiwal, Mrs. India Galaxy beauty pageant, her mentors, Mr Gagandeep Kapoor and Miss. Ginny kapoor, her entire family and friends, fans and followers, who gave me all their blessings and supported her through the entire journey. 

With Mrs.INDIA Galaxy beauty pageant, she gained the confidence to take stand for right things and voice her choices, and these learnings she took with her further at Mrs. Universe International pageant, where she proudly represented her nation.

“Dr.Nikita Sokal is a combination of beauty with brains and compassion. She is a true reflection of a balanced individual. She has strong inclination towards her traditional values and at the same time embraces the modern ways. She is polite yet clear in her thoughts and communication. She is educated, humble and self-confident. She has a very charming personality and yet believes in simplicity and making small and kind efforts to bring a positive change in everything around her. She is a learner and an explorer.

Dr.Nikita Sokal has a long way to go and a source of inspiration for many women who want to reach out and do more than the routine. Her awareness for the environment and kindness for animals is her commendable trait. Her work for women empowerment for underprivileged women and children is appreciable. We are very proud of Dr.Nikita Sokal and are sure that her footprints would have a positive impact on the world and there would be many who would follow her lead to make this world a better place with every effort whether small or big.”  Ginny Kapoor, Chief Mentor and Director Mrs.INDIA Galaxy.

Mrs.INDIA Galaxy is India’s Most Prominent pageant for married Indian women across the world. This is a pageant for women who aspire to get what they deserve in life. Mrs.INDIA Galaxy supports the cause “Stop Violence Against Women” and aim to create awareness about this cause in society and help women gain confidence and overcome their fears and limitations and live life as their true selves.

Mrs INDIA Galaxy provides world-class training and a platform to overcome fear and barriers and regain confidence. The journey to the limelight trained model. This transformational journey creates a new vision and helps contestants emerge as winners for life. Most Mrs. INDIA Galaxy contestants experience massive transformation and many have represented INDIA at various Global platforms and brought prestigious crowns and trophies back home.