Deepinder Goyal

Deepinder Goyal is an Indian entrepreneur and the co-founder of Zomato, a renowned online food delivery and restaurant discovery platform. With his innovative vision and relentless pursuit of excellence, Goyal has played a pivotal role in transforming the way people order food and explore dining options. This article delves into the life, achievements, and contributions of Deepinder Goyal, highlighting his entrepreneurial journey and the remarkable success of Zomato.


Full NameDeepinder Goyal
PositionCo-founder and CEO
EducationBachelor’s degree in
Mathematics and Computing
from IIT Delhi
ExperienceCo-founder of Zomato (formerly
known as Foodiebay)
Worked at Bain & Company as a
management consultant
Co-founder of One97 Communications,
which operates Paytm
AchievementsNamed in Forbes’ “India’s Richest
Self-Made Billionaires” list in
2019, 2020, and 2021
Recognized as one of the Young
Global Leaders by the World
Economic Forum (WEF)
Featured in Fortune’s “40 Under
40″ list of influential young
leaders in business

Early Life and Education:

Born and raised in Muktsar, Punjab, India, Deepinder Goyal completed his schooling at St. Xavier’s School in Delhi. He then pursued a degree in Mathematics and Computing from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. Goyal’s academic background equipped him with a strong foundation in analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, laying the groundwork for his entrepreneurial ventures.

Founding Zomato:

In 2008, while working as a management consultant at Bain & Company, Deepinder Goyal, along with his colleague Pankaj Chaddah, conceptualized an online platform to solve the challenges faced by diners in finding restaurants and ordering food. This led to the birth of Zomato, initially known as Foodiebay. The platform provided comprehensive menus, reviews, and ratings for various restaurants, transforming the way people discovered and explored dining options.

Expansion and Growth:

Under Goyal’s leadership, Zomato rapidly expanded its presence across India and ventured into international markets. The company introduced innovative features like online ordering and food delivery, making it convenient for users to order food from their favorite restaurants. Zomato’s relentless focus on customer experience, seamless user interface, and robust delivery network contributed to its phenomenal growth and popularity.

Diversification and Acquisitions:

Deepinder Goyal’s strategic vision led Zomato to diversify its services and expand its reach beyond restaurant discovery and food delivery. The company acquired several prominent startups in the food-tech space, such as Urbanspoon in the United States and MaplePOS in India. These acquisitions bolstered Zomato’s position in the market and added value to its service offerings.

International Recognition and Funding:

Goyal’s entrepreneurial acumen and Zomato’s success garnered international recognition. The company received significant investments from renowned global investors, including Alibaba’s Ant Financial, Temasek Holdings, and Sequoia Capital. Zomato’s valuation soared, making it one of the most valued startups in India.

Social Initiatives and Corporate Responsibility:

Deepinder Goyal is a strong advocate for social initiatives and corporate responsibility. He spearheaded various projects, including the Feeding India initiative, which aims to eliminate hunger and food wastage in the country. Through Zomato’s technology and resources, the initiative has made a significant impact on the lives of underprivileged communities.

Deepinder Goyal’s entrepreneurial journey, marked by the inception and growth of Zomato, has revolutionized the food industry and changed the way people experience dining. His innovative ideas, unwavering determination, and commitment to enhancing the dining experience have made Zomato a household name globally. Deepinder Goyal continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and remains a trailblazer in the ever-evolving food-tech industry.

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