Fiza is one such all-rounder who aspires to stand out from the crowd and build a name for herself. After getting constant compliments and motivation from friends and family members to start doing professional makeup, a few years back Fiza really picked up on the advice. She deeply admires international work and wants to become like that one day. Fiza started her career with reference projects. While her initial stage, she made a supporting base of clients.

Fiza believes in taking out time to do what she loves and nurtures her passion like a primal responsibility. She has the perfect experience and exposure in the makeup industry for her to be your wedding day’s best mate.

She is currently building upon the reference project inflows by involving in various prestigious collaborations. She is also a firm believer in dedication and persistence.

To all the upcoming brides this season Fiza expresses her concerns to take due care of their skin with proper levels of hydration and sun protection as the bare minimum.

She believes in natural beauty and with her experience, is definitely capable of complimenting her client’s natural features.

Fiza as a woman in the industry provides special mention to emerging women in makeup by saying “Take the leap you’ve been long longing for, take that one step and the risk to make it or lose it all. You’ll only be left with satisfaction in the end”.